On Becoming A Warrior Contemplation Lesson: Focus

“Concentrate all your thoughts on the work at hand.  The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”
Alexander Graham Bell


This quote taken from one of the world’s greatest inventors gives insight into his mind and a core principle of high functioning individuals.


Defined: Focus can be looked at as the center of interest or activity.  Concentration in my mind is a sustained period of intense focus.

It sets the foundation for a discussion on what focus is, and how you do or do not use it.


I want you to find a quiet place preferably in nature, early morning, and meditate on what focus/concentration means to you.


  • Personally - self-development, health


  • Professionally – relationships, skills, performance


  • Academically – new knowledge and its application


  • Interpersonally – family, friendships, work relationships


Give one or multiple examples in each area, your choice.

More importantly identify any beliefs or behaviors in each of these areas that are blocking you from achieving focus.


Don’t leave your future to chance let us begin to create your tomorrow, today. 

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Kindest regards,

Dr. Scott Russo

On Becoming a warrior LLC, life and health coaching 

Certified Unbeatable Mind Coach

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