Nutrifuel® Nutrition Affiliate Program FAQs

As a medical professional, your main focus is on your patients. By signing up for our Affiliate Program, you have the ability to recommend high-quality products to your patients or customers without the hassle of wholesaling and managing inventory! We will handle the hard work of managing inventory, payment processing, and more so you can focus on your practice or business.

What is Nutrifuel® Nutrition Affiliate Program?

The Nutrifuel® Nutrition Affiliate program is a way for medical professionals and other partners to earn without the hassle of wholesaling and managing inventory! You’ll receive a shareable link that you can post on your website, social media, or others when recommending products offered on Nutrifuel® Nutrition.

Who can become a Nutrifuel® Nutrition Affiliate?

Currently, we are looking for medical professionals to join our program. However, if you are not a medical professional and would like to signup please give us your explanation and we will determine if you are eligible or not.

What do I get when I become an Affiliate?

You can earn up to 10% on each product that was purchased through your link. To receive payments, you will need to provide a valid W-9 Form. Please send the filled out form along with your affiliate ID to Once we have validated your W-9 Form, you will start receiving payments.

Payments are net-30, calculated on the first business day of the month and payment will be sent via check within five business days when payable total is $100 or more. If payment has not reached $100 by the end of the month, your payment will roll over to the following month. You will have access to sales (referrals) and payable reports available through the Nutrifuel® Nutrition Affiliate Program.

Direct payment method coming soon. We will inform you when it is available.

How do I join the program?

To become an affiliate of Nutrifuel® Nutrition you will need to fill out our signup form. Please provide as much information as you can so we can provide you with the best experience possible. If you are a medical professional please state that in the description as well as a link to your own website for verification.

Once the form is completed it will be reviewed by our staff and then we will determine if you are eligible to join.

What do I get when I become an Affiliate?

Unlimited and lifetime earning! There is no cap with Nutrifuel® Nutrition. Refer as much traffic as you want, and you’ll earn for every conversion that takes place on your link. You will also receive created assets and descriptions that can be linked directly to your site.