The Optimal Performance Plan
The Optimal Performance Plan

The Optimal Performance Plan


Optimal performance comes from this: training yourself to have more energy exactly when you need it. That’s what the Optimal Performance program is all about. With this four-disc set and workbook, you’ll learn how to train your body to tap into your greatest source of energy. You’ll know what to eat when and when to eat what to have the energy you need exactly when you need it. You’ll have the option to lose weight if you want and learn how to keep it off. And if you have body fat in places you don’t want it, you’ll learn how to burn that extra fat. There are no gimmicks. Each part is carefully designed to build on prior effort; you’ll understand how to build a foundation, target your energy levels, lose weight, and burn the fat you’ve always wanted to lose. Real food. Precise exercise. Lasting results.

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Printed Materials

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Nutrifuel Nutrition
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