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Digestive Support

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Digestive Support - Digestive System Vitamins and Minerals

Digestive Support helps maintain a healthy gastric lining, aids in proper digestion, and nutrient absorption. Many patients experience digestive problems after surgery from the effects of the surgery itself, the residual effects of anesthesia, as well as opioids administered for pain relief. While most surgical patients will deal with short term digestive health issues, there is a broad spectrum of potential causes for digestive issues which can include:

    • Stress

    • A health issue like celiac disease, food allergies, or pancreatic issues that may be limiting the production of digestive enzymes

    • A poor diet high in processed food and low in fruits and vegetables causing nutrient deficiencies

    • Age

When do I take digestive support, a digestive supplement?

We recommend taking one (1) tablet of our digestive aid supplement with each meal as a dietary supplement unless otherwise directed by a healthcare professional. These supplements should NOT be chewed.

This product is both gluten and dairy free.

Warning: KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.   Do not use this supplement if you have any allergies to porcine products.  These supplements may be inappropriate to take when there are ulcerative gastrointestinal conditions and when aspirin or other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications are being taken.

FAQs about Digestive Supplements

A digestive aid is a supplement that helps aid digestion by helping food move faster through the digestive tract and boosting the body's own production of digestive enzymes.
Digestive Support is a combination of B6, betaine hydrochloride, glutamic acid, ammonium hydrochloride, pepsin and pancreatin it uses a vegetable tablet base to provide optimal digestive function.
Vital health depends upon adequate digestion of food, absorption and assimilation of proteins, vitamins and minerals from key nutrients in our food and supplements.
Symptoms of poor gut health include but are not limited to heartburn, gas, bloating, and diarrhea can be the result of insufficient hydrochloric acid production. Additional signs of insufficient hydrochloric acid production may include food allergies, joint inflammation, anemia, acne, leaky gut, bad breath, a loss of taste for meat, and peeling and weak fingernails. Some other common digestive issues from poor gut health include:
  • Bloating
  • Gas
  • The feeling of a “heavy stomach”
  • Loose stool
Hydrochloric acid in the stomach is a strong mineral acid that functions to maintain adequate gastric pH levels. It also serves three key roles:
  1. Low pH kills microorganisms in food
  2. Activates pepsinogen
  3. Unfolds proteins making them more accessible to proteolytic degradation.
Vitamin B6 is used to assist in the absorption of pyridoxal phosphate which is positively influenced by gastric acid secretion. Betaine is trimethylglycine (a normal metabolite and methyl donor). In the protonated form, betaine HCI gives up a proton and chloride ion in aqueous solutions resulting in hydrochloric acid. Therefore, betaine hydrochloride represents a dietary source of hydrochloric acid. Like betaine HCL, glutamic acid HCI represents a supplemental form of gastric acid. Ammonium Chloride is a raw material for hydrochloric acid production needed for gastric cells. Chloride represents a major anion electrolyte required to maintain osmotic pH and to maintain osmotic balance in the body.
To increase your digestive enzymes naturally by eating foods that are NOT processed, contain artificial sweeteners, or trans fats. Additionally, try adding more healthy fats and fiber to your diet as well.
There is a variety of way to help with digestion problems. Eating more natural foods and staying away from processed foods; a fiber-rich diet and controlling stress can all help with digestion problems as well as add a digestive support supplement to your diet. If you are still experiencing problems, it is best to discuss your digestion problems with your healthcare provider.
There could be many different reasons as to why someone isn’t digesting food properly. These can range from what we are eating to our bodies not producing stomach acid properly. Issues with digesting food properly can start increasing with age.
To strengthen your digestive system, consider changing your diet to a more holistic approach is generally the top recommendation. Adding a digestive supplement to your adjusted diet can also help strengthen your digestive system.

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Medical Disclaimer:
While nutritional supplementation has the potential to provide health benefits, it should be done under the guidance of your healthcare professional. If you’re currently taking prescription medications or other pharmaceuticals, consult with the prescribing doctor before using the supplement. If you are engaged in other medical treatments, contact your healthcare professional for guidance regarding possible interactions and conflicts involving your treatment, drugs, or pharmaceuticals and the supplements you are planning to take.