NutriRest Complete

Lack of sleep, especially among college students in America has been a serious problem for a long time. The average American gets less than six (6) hours of sleep a night. Sleep is the body’s natural way of healing and destressing itself. Nutrifuel® Nutrition’s NutriRest Complete has been thoughtfully and carefully formulated to provide the best and deepest possible sleep. It combines Melatonin with B6 and Magnesium.

Recommendations: Take half (1/2) tablet before bedtime as a dietary supplement or as otherwise directed by a healthcare professional.

Side Effects: Headaches, daytime sleepiness, drowsiness, stomach cramps and irritability

Warning: DO NOT USE BEFORE OR DURING OPERATION OF A MOTOR VEHICLE OR HEAVY EQUIPMENT/MACHINERY. For adults only. Not recommended for women who are pregnant.

Medical Disclaimer: While nutritional supplementation has the potential to provide health benefits, it should be done under the guidance of your healthcare professional. If you’re currently taking prescription medications or other pharmaceuticals, consult with the prescribing doctor before using the supplement. If you are engaged in other medical treatments, contact your healthcare professional for guidance regarding possible interactions and conflicts involving your treatment, drugs, or pharmaceuticals and the supplements you are planning to take.

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