Meal System

We created an innovative and delicious meal system, so your patients can live a healthier life. 

Meals formulated with the latest innovation in science

Delicious and versatile products for weight management solutions

Helps avoid burnout and greater long-term retention

Supplies the need for fresh, wholesome ingredients and food

How does it work?

Choose a Meal Starter

Hot (soup)

Pick the Convenience...

Pack when time is limited or pick one of our recipe resources using fresh ingredients.

Enjoy and track your meals...

...with the Health Trac mobile app.

Everything in one place to accomplish and sustain the life you want and deserve.

What is the journey?

Dietitian designed and practice approved results

Phase One - The Starter Kit

A one week jumpstart plan that provides structure and control, with the added variety to prevent burnout.
4 Meals organized into 7-day boxes.
Each day is its own box.

Phase Two  - four
Personalized Plan

Graduate to the next plan that starts to include fresh food recipes to at least one meal per day.
This plan is customized specifically for your next steps in your health journey.

Connected Care made Simple with HealthTrac

Download the HeathTrac app today to get support on your health journey with 2-way texting, HIPAA compliant Video Chat, Coaching dashboard, Tracking Tools, Integrated scales and devices.

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Why Nutrifuel® Nutrition
Meal System?

For us, it’s not just a meal system. It’s about Fueling your Body for Optimal Health. For us, it is a lifestyle and a philosophy.

Fueling Your Body for Optimal Health: Meal products of the past were monotonous and boring. Our versatile products include numerous flavor profiles and textures. Make each day something different and try something new!

High-Quality Ingredients: We take pride in our labels and keep them as clean as possible. We eliminate artificial sweeteners, preservatives, and dyes whenever possible.

A Shift in Perspective: We know that a full meal replacement program is not sustainable for long term use. Our programs and products were carefully crafted to serve as training wheels to build confidence to foster healthy habits for a lifetime.

Common Questions

What is this system?

This program isn't a meal replacement. It combines calorie-controlled food with fresh food or the use of convenience packs when time is limited. Everything is portioned for ease of use, and each meal is nutritionally balanced with the appropriate vitamins, minerals, protein, fats, and carbs.