Maximize Your
Whole Life.

Coaching at On Becoming a Warrior empowers individuals,
executives, businesses and teams to identify their purpose
and contribute their best every day.

Define your goals and build a plan so you can act.

Achieve holistic growth and wellness in your mind, body and soul.

Take your career and relationships to the next level.

On Becoming a Warrior™ is Nutrifuel Nutrition®’s coaching division. We believe in helping you achieve whole-body wellness. Our coaching services help you turn mental noise into productivity so you can reach your highest potential professionally and as an authentic, well-rounded human being.

The hardest part is knowing where to start.

You already know what it takes to be a high performer. But there’s a big difference between knowing concepts like focus, productivity, and priorities and applying them to the imperfect busyness of your daily life.

Individuals, executives, businesses and teams can have extraordinary talent and still feel frustrated by not doing enough. Maybe you struggle with setting priorities (or setting the wrong ones), insecurity in your own intuition, or your team lacks a shared vision. Not to mention, we’re all susceptible to health and business challenges that can derail our progress.

Raise your own bar.

Coaching at On Becoming a Warrior™ helps you turn mental noise into productivity so you can reach your highest potential professionally and as an authentic, well-rounded human being.

Together, we can:

Impart positive change in your life and the lives of people around you.
Acquire the expertise and skills to manage stressful situations.
Communicate better with peers and loved ones.
Increase productivity in your life.

Coaching @ On Becoming a Warrior™

Following the Unbeatable Mind™ framework, we’ll build a coaching plan based on the program’s 5 Mountains of Character development.


Get Started Today:


Schedule a free 30-minute coaching consultation.


Follow a customized program for yourself, business or team.


Complete the program within a set time frame to achieve the best outcome.

Dr. Scott Russo, Unbeatable Mind™ coach

As a physician and top-rated orthopedic surgeon for 30+ years, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to help people from all walks of life heal from injuries and illnesses. Now as an Unbeatable Mind™ coach and martial artist, I live what I teach through daily practices in the Unbeatable Mind™ and SEALFIT™ training programs.

I see the potential in people that they don’t see in themselves. As your coach, we’ll work together to create and implement a plan that helps you achieve personal and professional excellence defined by your own values.

Whether you’re an individual, a sports team, or a Fortune 500 organization seeking growth, I’m able to draw upon a lifetime of experience in athletics, higher education, entrepreneurism and one of life’s most challenging arenas: the operating room.

Download a free copy of our guide Preparing Your Mind for Healing: Training to Conquer Surgery, Injury, or Illness.

We can’t always control what happens with our health, but we can develop and strengthen our ability to deal with it.

We believe that preparing your mind for recovery is just as important as preparing your body.

Without the nutrients your body needs to rebound from a major health event, you can get stuck in a slow recovery that impacts every part of your life. Bigger healthcare bills, more prescriptions, time out of work, and missing out on life experiences can add anxiety to an already stressful time.

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